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Office 365 + AD Connect: Manage Groups 資料同步

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Office 365 的帳號與群組若由 AD 同步上去的, 那麼首先 AD 必需擴充 Exchange 的屬性.

擴充 AD Schema 步驟:

  1. 下載 Exchange Server ISO 檔,放置於 AD 上,並掛載
  2. 登入帳戶必須為 Schema Admins Enterprise Admins 安全性群組的成員
  3. 開啟 Windows 命令提示字元視窗,切換目錄至ISO路徑,執行下列命令來擴充架構


  1. 使用較新版本的Exchange 2016擴充AD架構,但是AD樹系等級必須要先升級到Windows Server 2008 R2以上
  2. 使用舊版本的Exchange 2013擴充AD架構,AD樹系等級 Windows Server 2003以上

擴充 AD Schema 指令:

Setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

參考下列文章的「擴充 Active Directory 架構」章節


帳號與群組同步時  mailNickname 這個屬性一定要有值, 否則同步會失敗.

External Sender Permissions: How to edit the External Sender Permissions for cloud-only groups, You should maintain the “delivery management”, on the AD need to edit edit the authOrig & dLMemSubmitPerms . If you cannot edit the authOrig & dLMemSubmitPerms attribute in ADUC you can use the following PowerShell script:

$Group = DN of the Group
$UserDN = DN of the user
Import-module activedirectory

if ($UserDN) {
     Set-ADGroup -Identity $Group -Add @{[email protected]($UserDN)}
} else {
     write-host "Couldn't find User" -ForegroundColor Red

//指定的 user 帳號是 authOrig 欄位
//指定的 group 是 dLMemSubmitPerms 欄位


NameAD AttributeDescription
Display NamedisplayNameThe name displayed when sending emails from the group, as well as, the GAL
AliasmailNicknameUsed by Exchange to find any local object with an e-mail address
Primary Email addressproxyAddressesPrimary email address of the group
NotesdescriptionField to help people understand why the group exists
Hide this group from address listsmsExchHideFromAddressListsShould the group be visible from the GAL
OwnersmanagedByThe users who manage the group
MembersmemberWho receives emails that are sent to the group
Group Membership PermissionsmsExchGroupJoinRestrictionPermissions on who and how people can join the group
Group Leave PermissionsmsExchGroupDepartRestrictionPermissions on who and how people can leave the group
External Sender PermissionsmsExchRequireAuthToSendToCan people outside your organization send to the group?
Send To PermissionsauthOrigUsers who can send emails to the group
Moderator ApprovalmsExchEnableModerationDoes a moderator need to approve emails sent to the group
ModeratorsmsExchModeratedByLinkUsers who can approve emails sent to a group
Skip ApprovalmsExchBypassModerationLinkUsers who don't need a moderator to send to the group
Sender NotificationmsExchModerationFlagsHow do you notify a sender when moderators review the message
Email AddressesproxyAddressesThe email addresses for the group
Mail TipmsExchSenderHintTranslationsTip displayed when someone adds the group to an email in Outlook and OWA
Send AsUsers that can send as the group
Send On Behalf ofpublicDelegatesUsers that can send on behalf of the group